Where to get content to fill the site.

Where to get content to fill the site.

Where to get content to fill the site.

Content-all that is on your site, ie all the information that it is filled -it’s articles, videos, photos, etc.the Concept of “Internet content” comes from the English word “content – content”, that is, the content is the direct content of the site. It can be texts, graphic images, multimedia files — that is, everything that can be downloaded to the site without violating anyone’s copyright. Every webmaster sooner or later faces the problem of where to get the content (and quality). The more high-quality and useful information on our website, the more we can earn, the better the search engine will apply to our project.


Text content is an integral part of the website in the web over which seo promotion is performed. The text for the site should be authored and written from scratch. Search engines do not approve of copied texts ( articles ) by inserting sticks into the wheels not performed indexing, penalizing or banyat sites.


If the site is filled with unique articles and texts, it can be promoted to the first place or at least to the top positions. With the help of unique texts and articles, you can promote your site to the rating pages with normal work and investments. If a brand new site is filled with copied texts from another site, the site will simply not be indexed. It may happen that his pessimizirovat for content plagiarism and be ranking in the status of — you latest.


Search engines have a positive attitude towards the new articles, and texts. This is an effective and legitimate way to promote the site. Articles are attractive not only for search robots, but also for users. This method does not contradict the policy of any search engine, is white and good for the development of the Internet and your site.


In order to successfully pick up the content you need to think initially, what area of consumers will cover the site. And for orientation in the Internet space it is enough to look similar to your project thematic sites. In the course of acquaintance it is possible to make the approximate list of sections which you would like to have on the website from those that were pleasant to you. When the approximate structure of the site is ready, or the shell of the site to run, you can think about filling the site with content, that is, its direct content.


The advantages of the qualitative content of the site.


– perspectives and quality incoming hyperlinks

– content optimization is a white promotion method

– engaging with search engines because of information

– a lot of content is a promotion for high-frequency requests


Methods and types to get the content for the site.

Copywriting-filling, in which you write articles yourself, you are the true author of these articles. This method is the highest quality, but also the most laborious way. Sometimes it takes more than 3 hours to write a good article. Something like a school essay.


Rewriting – rewrite) – a way in which you retell what has already been written by someone, but in your own words. Something like a statement. My attitude to this method: a good method to fill the site with quality information.


Rewriting machine – filling content, when the rewriting is handled by a special program called a rewriter. Briefly the essence: rewriter laid the basis of words in text format, then the rewriter scans the text and substitutes words in the text the words from the database. Where is this method of content extraction used? It is used for filling govnosaytov, satellites, in order to earn at stock exchanges of references.


Synonymizing – filling content in which all or almost all the words in the source text are replaced by synonyms. Anology with rerating. Also there is a program – sinonimayzer, deistvuya for the same fact. In principle, replaced by the synonyms may be human, but I think it’s better just to retell the material in your own words.


Copy-paste – copy-paste) – you copy the article (information) and paste it on your website without any changes. I think copy-paste is generally meaningless extraction method content. Even if you do not care about copyright, your article will not be indexed by search engines because it will not be unique, and therefore the site will not bring you a penny.


Parsing, by grabing the website content, which use software parsers and grberry. The analogy with copy-paste (if the parsers and the grabbers does not have a function of rewriting and synonymize) only in large volume. The program can in 5 minutes grabbit more than 500 pages.


Content exchanges-exchanges where you can buy content from copywriters. It is a quality filling because it is copywriting or human rewrite, but expensive. I personally your projects fill is always himself, first interesting, second quality watch I, third savings.


Scan-content, in which you scan the book and publish its contents as content. The method is widely used.


Translation-filling when you translate foreign text, be it a book, magazine, website. If after the translator to make its own revision over the text, it is a good version of the content for sites for people, but you need to specify a link to the author.


Do not look for easy ways to make content for the site with the help of human rewrite and copywriting. Make websites high quality and necessary for people. Write good texts, try not to make grammatical mistakes, check the texts, do not swear, write articles and texts with unique keywords and titles.


Where to get content to fill the site.

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