White House says Samantha Bee’s attack on Ivanka Trump was ‘vile and vicious’

White House says Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka Trump was 'vile and vicious'

White House says Samantha Bee's attack on Ivanka Trump was 'vile and vicious'


Snow-white housing on Thursday condemned comedian Samantha B.’s remark about the fact that the senior adviser of the Snow-white home and the 1st daughter Ivanka trump – “defenseless c***” calling on TBS, which transmits her show, in public to renounce her.


The explanation, for which the Bee later apologized on Thursday, was noticed subsequently by the state debate about the rousing speech at the political arena. Earlier this week the bestselling TV shows Roseanna Barr was at one point postponed later like she did a racist link on Twitter to the former adviser of the Obama Administration, Valerie Jarrett.



Press Secretary of The white house Sarah Sanders said, in fact, that the language of Bi was ” disgusting and malicious.”
“The collective silence of the left and their supporters in the media is horrifying. Her bad comments and shows are not suitable for broadcasting, and the heads of Time Warner and TBS are obliged to show, in fact, that this obvious profanity dictionary about women members of this administration will not condone in its network,” Sanders said.


As CNN and TBS, owned by Turner, division of “time Warner”.
Bi, which has done a comments Wednesday evening for a private show “Full Frontal”, criticized the administration trump for the division of undocumented families apprehended at the border.


“To tear the children from their own parents-it’s bad, for example, it is an inflammatory conflict in almost any movie, which we ever cared about,”-said Bi during his own monologue, exposing himself photo guys without documents, sleeping in the cells.


Subsequently, such as Ivanka trump published a photo of her and her baby against the background of the apparent notices that the undocumented kids are separated from their own families when they are hampered by the immigration authorities, Bi referred to the recent tweet of Barr.
“Ivanka trump, who works in a Snow-white home, decided to publish the 2 most uninteresting tweet that we have seen this week,” said Bi. “You represent, Ivanka, this is a great photo of you and your baby, but let me say, 1 mom is different, arrange something with your founder’s immigration practices, you’re defenseless c***!”


“He’s listening to you,” she said. “Put on something tight and short and tell your own founder to stop it. Tell him it was actually Obama, and see how it leaks, okay?”


Bee apologized for the explanation on Twitter on Thursday Afternoon.
“I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka trump and my visitors for the introduction of curses on my show, in order to describe it last night. It was unforgivable and unforgivable. I ran over the line, and I deeply regret it,” she said.



Sanders ‘ reaction is stronger than her public reaction to Barr’s comments. Responding to a question about the comments of the former starry sky ABC at a briefing in a Snow-white house on Wednesday, Sanders said that neither trump nor Snow-white housing did not defend the comments that she called “inappropriate”, but she still insisted that the authorities were obliged to apologize from the network for the release of humiliating explanations
“The President shows the hypocrisy in the means of global information, saying terrible things about this President, and no one appeals to him,” Sanders told reporters at a briefing on Wednesday.


Bee often uses indecent abuse during the concert. She took advantage of the indecent text to outline President Woodrow Wilson during her “not a journalists’ dinner at the White house ” TBS special last year.

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