Zakharova said that the West pursues a policy of ” blue rag”

Zakharova said that the West pursues a policy of " blue rag"

Zakharova said that the West pursues a policy of " blue rag"


The official Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the political figure of the Western partners of the Russian Federation proceeds in secret, as if behind a blue cloth, which the adherents of the South American state Department blocked from the cameras of the media their invasion of the land of the Russian mission in Seattle.



On Wednesday, the adepts of the US authorities benefit to the closed residence of the Russian Consul General in Seattle, opened the gate and went into the room. Later the official representative of state Department USA Heather Nauert explained by the invasion of American servicemen in the premises of the Russian Consul General in Seattle “retaliatory measures” on the politician of the authorities of the Russian Federation. Posted in media, pictures you see, actually the employees of the state Department stretched the blue material on the fence of the mission.
“This rag is so symbolic. All that our Western partners are doing at the moment, for example, follows a similar rag. Don’t have the courage, honesty, and openness. You hacking? Tell frankly – we crack”,-Zakharova on air of the program “60 min.” of TV channel “Russia-1″told.


“The greenhouse effect is natural in the state Department,” she noted. “All diplomacy and what diplomacy is all a political figure for a similar blue cloth,” said Zakharov.


Zakharova noticed actually that she was curious, actually what will create the state Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert when he finds out “the truth about their own country”.
“These individuals yourself in a situation entered, they will represent the USA in fact that was done in 2018… in due time entered myself in the situation of those who fought for Iraq,” said Commissioner of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation. According to its texts, the Russian Federation is aimed at cooperation with the United States.


“No. This is a program, this is a political figure, the direction they announced. They have the same intentions and the same ideas with regard to a number of States,” Zakharova said in response to the question whether the incident has been exhausted by the mutual expulsion of diplomats or whether its continuation will follow. She remembered the ongoing trade war between the USA and China. “For all have their own ways – we may only rag, the other probably scary,” she said.


Previously, at a briefing Zakharov called the invasion of civil servants of the state Department on the ground representation “seizure” and said that this is the most severe non-compliance by the USA major international legal measures generally recognized.


The USA had previously urged to shut up the Consulate General in Seattle on April 2 and to release the premises of the residence of the Consul General by April 25. It was created at the same time with the removal of 60 Russian diplomats suspected of espionage and as a response to the alleged involvement of the Russian Federation in the incident with the intestinal infection of the English spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in English Salisbury.

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