Zinedine Zidane Leaves Florentino Pérez’s Real Madrid on His Own Terms

Zinedine Zidane Leaves Florentino Pérez’s Real Madrid on His Own Terms

Zinedine Zidane Leaves Florentino Pérez’s Real Madrid on His Own Terms


The only thing that was missing, the only bummer, was actually that Zinedine Zidane didn’t finish his own last press conference as a real Madrid Manager, picking up the microphone from the table in front of him and dropping it to the floor. Its natural consistency has denied it a decisive end, which he deserved.


In January 2016, when Florentino Peres, the ridiculously pompous President of real Madrid, suggested to Zidane the world as a substitute for Rafael benítez, it was not enough who believed, in fact, that this conclusion would be the wisest.


Peres himself had doubts: for a number of months back he had hoped that Zidane-the then coach of Castile, team b of the club-would accept the offer to arrest the responsibility for Marcel, his home team. At which point he was something of a mystery: no one really knew how he would exist in control; the initial emotions from his time in Castile were not identical to the positive ones.


Than any other, thought Perez, so he cut teeth from the white flames of the Santiago Bernabeu, taking into account the risk that the President will understand with the purpose of it. Between his leading fears was the fact that Zidane has the ability to prove difficult to cut when the time has come, because of his status among the club’s fans.


He doesn’t have to worry. On Thursday, Zidane announced, in fact, that he would retire from the position he held in the direction of the last 2-and-a-half years. He arranged it by winning the Spanish title times, the Spanish super Cup times, the 2 UEFA super Cup, the 2 FIFA world cups and, most importantly, the 3 alternate Champions League titles, ending opposite Liverpool 5 days back.


In the meantime, Zidane was not seen, no one saved the Champions League, not to mention in order to win it 3 years in order. In the meantime, Zidane was not seen, only 2 other managers won 3 European cups-Carlo Ancelotti and Bob Paisley urged more than 29 months. Zidane won the Champions League 3 times in the least 3 years. He won the trophy at the rate of once in 17 games. It was, in unequivocal terms, a decline in microphone career.


Indeed, the preservation of the Champions League is not that way, whom Zidane struck a fresh basis. Peres has fired some of the most outstanding managers in the last 20 years. He fired Vicente Del Bosque, Ancelotti and Benitez. He achieved a ” mutual agreement “in order to allow Jose Mourinho not to work in the”real”.


For most of this season, Zidane seemed destined to join this list. Not paying attention to the victory in the Champions League in any of his first 2 years in charge, in fact that the famous cap, cap, cap situations about his future began to be seen in the last few months, as “real” behind “Barcelona” on the championship title race: Zidane will be deprived of work, if he did not get to the Champions League semi-final; Zidane would be deprived of work, if he did not win the competition again; Zidane will be deprived of work, autonomously from.


On Thursday, however, he made it, in fact that anyone could not make. He left real Madrid-real Florentino Perez-on his own criteria, at the time. Almost certainly, it happened from the Bernabeu is not an elementary sound, but almost entirely intact. There were times when he also looked cool.


He knew, quite likely, in fact that it will not be — has an opportunity to continue. Review he gave, standing on the side, now the fact that the club and the players necessary “changes, in order to smell victory.”He said:” later 3 years, he needs a different voice, a different method of work, and just as a result of this I accepted this conclusion.”


Zidane, of course, than any other qualified than the bulk, in order to take a good judge, in fact that just forces expensive players to tick, as they have all chances to be subjected to boredom. No one has the opportunity to be than any other, in order to read the symptoms of this, in fact, that a group of superstars begins to grow immune to his messages. It’s likely the real Madrid League configuration, falling home 17 points behind Barcelona, was the warning he needed.


More of this, however, he has unique probabilities, so that the aristocracy of the threat of presence for a very long time. It is absolutely reasonable to imagine that his career ended-in disgrace at the end of the world Cup-2006-had the opportunity to declare how he approached his own life as a Manager: once a set of apologies is enough.


On Thursday, he made it clear that he would not immediately take on a different role — he would not exercise another club in a proper season, he said-but it should not be a huge surprise. Zidane each time clearly singled out to take a good judge, in fact that he wanted to exercise “real Madrid”, “my club, the Club, which every time will be in my heart”, and the French team, and no one else. Depending on such as Didier Deschamps fares in the world Cup, it will not lend a clairvoyant in order to know actually what his gathering work has the opportunity to be.


For real Madrid, the future is significantly less clear. The 13th European club Cup is starting to feel like a curse, such as a blessing. At the background in Kiev, Ukraine, immediately afterwards the finish whistle across from Liverpool, Gareth bale and Cristiano Ronaldo have put under swing their future in Madrid – one more impressive than the other — and now the club Manager has left.


It every time was probably summer of change at Madrid: Perez not

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